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Swiss Patek Philippe Replica is dedicated to the development of artistic watchmaking since 1755. The Swiss watchmaker joins the Japanese maki-e technique to enhance its functional masterpieces. Maki-e is the most advanced lacquer technique. It literally means "sprinkled pictures". The decorative operation involves a delicately sprinkled gold or silver powder over the black lacquer while still wet.

The new collection features three different masterpieces that are dedicated to natural creations of great spiritual or symbol importance in Japanese culture.

They are also known as "The Three Friends of Winter" and feature themes of the pine, bamboo, or plum trees. Each is paired up with the appropriate bird: the cranes, sparrows and nightingales. The bird design on back of the watch echoes the main tree design on front.

The watches in the Metiers d'art Collection are made of 18 karat rose or white gold. Each one measures 40 mm. All of them have double-faced dials, which are lacquered using the maki e technique. Vacheron-Constantin Caliber 1003 is built with 18 jewels and lies behind these beautiful dials. The mechanical hand-winding movement is made of 14-karat gold and treated with ruthenium. It's then stamped with the Geneva Hallmark. The central dial section has a cutout that allows you to see the movement. The cutout shows the artistry behind a beautifully skeletonized, thin movement (Patek Philippe Replica). The movement was developed and manufactured in-house, and has a power reserve of more than 30 hours. The case is designed to withstand water pressure of up to 30 meters. The dials in this collection are all hand-crafted by Mr. Yamamoto, a makie master.

The first watch in this collection is Metiers d’art – La symbolique des laques – Pine Tree & Crane. (Tag Heuer Carrera Grand Carrera Replica) The beauty of the twisted forms of the pine tree is prized in Japanese art and tradition. It's considered to be a symbol of immortality and long life. Crane was the second element used in this watch. The crane, along with the phoenix is one of the birds most associated with Far Eastern legends. It has always been a sign of elegance and longevity. The birds were strictly reserved for the Emperor and hunting was prohibited until 1868.

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