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IWC Da Vinci Replica's The Rake and Revolution pays tribute to IWC Da Vinci Replica's incredible past by remaking 10 limited edition L.U.C. 1860 watches in white gold and salmon dial. These watches will be released in November 2018.

Scheufele was given the opportunity to discuss a special project with me at the Historic Grand Prix of Monaco this summer. I tell him: "As it is the tenth Anniversary of The Rake I would like to suggest a collaboration between us regarding the L.U.C 1860 watch that you launched in 1996. It was the first time you used your Calibre 1,96 which marked the beginning of your true horological philosophy."

The watch's style has always captured my attention, not only because it features what Walt Odets described as "very likely the finest automatic movement produced in Switzerland today", but also because of its unique design.Replica Watches The 36.5mm dial is ideal for today's tastes, which are moving back towards vintage-style men's dress watch designs. The design of this watch is something I consider legendary.

The 1860 is a perfect example of a round, original watch that has stood the test time. The bezel of the 1860 is elegant and thin. Metalem is one of Switzerland's best dial makers. Its gold dial with sunray guilloche features a stunning dial. Dauphine hands are a perfect match for the arrow-shaped markers.

The watch is very similar to Philippe Dufour's Simplicity.Richard Mille Replica Watches It was originally 36mm in diameter and had a similar Metalem dial. The only difference is the "automatic" wording on the sub-dial for seconds and the large date aperture. For me, Dufour's Simplicity was always the pinnacle of independent watchmaking artisanal craftsmanship while the 1860 is one of the most important achievements of modern horology. Scheufele owns a Simplicity and says, "That's a compliment, but I have to agree there is a spiritual connection between the watches."

"My proposal," explained I, "is to make an additional 10 watches in my favorite colour combination, a white-gold case with a pink dial. If I had to make one change, it would be to have the date wheel in salmon. This will create a more cohesive look and help distinguish our limited edition.

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